The Weigh Ahead
from Aquantic Ltd

is designed to reduce the risk and worry of overloading. It can weigh single items or can keep a running total for loading or unloading vehicles or pallet racking. Easy installation means that it can be fitted to any machine regardless of age, with a hydraulic lift system. It comes in two voltage ranges.

Using a simple push button system and on screen instructions it makes the Weigh Ahead ideal for quick, efficient and accurate weighing. Accuracy is better than 1/4 of 1% and is obtained by taking 20 readings of the hydraulic pressure per second and translating this figure into kilogrammes.

The Weigh Ahead has 3 main parts:

  • The Top Box :
    This is fitted in view and reach of the driver. The mounting is quick and easy. Two holes are drilled for the plastic Loc-Link sections which allow the device to be tilted to suit the driver. The 5mm data cable is routed through one leg and is well protected.

  • Bottom Box :
    All cables meet in this waterproof box. It is situated conveniently under the dash panel, in the engine bay, or in view in the cab. The cables from the top box, the transducer, the proximity switch, and the power supply are fed through a grommet to numbered connections.

  • Transducer :
    Supplied with 1/4” B.S.P. tapping, it is used to sense the pressure in the main lift cylinder.


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